Vote Elizabeth Moffly For South Carolina Superintendent of Schools


Lt. Gen (R) Colby M Broadwater III
President, American College of the Building Arts

It was a pleasure to meet and speak with Elizabeth. She has sound ideas, plans, and answers for improving the education of our children. I especially like her vocational ideas!
Joe Bustos
Former Mt. Pleasant Council Member
Currently Running for SC House of Representatives

"I have read Elizabeth Moffly's plan to improve education in our public schools. It is a straight-forward, common sense approach to improving education. That, coupled with her business background, will enable all South Carolina's young people to get the best education for the taxpayer dollar."
Julie Caine Chatelain
Local Graphic Artist / Muralist

"Elizabeth, I'm so proud to be an supporter of yours knowing what a voice you have for our children, the change that needs to be made in SC to raise our school system rating nationally towards the one that I grew up with! Your voice is so clear and strong! The changes that you made that came to fruition, being a candidate in the last Superintendent of Education race cements the improvements you can make by winning this race especially with your new platform. All I can do is thank you with all my heart (and Lucie's) for working so hard to make the RIGHT changes for our children's BRIGHT and STRONG futures! Thank you! Love you and what you stand for :)"
J. H. Walker Guérard, Jr.
Local High School Teacher

I have taught high school English for almost 20 years - 5 of which have been here in Charleston. I agree strongly with your stance on the four issues you present on your home page. I'll vote for you - good luck.
Pat Milley

Dear Elizabeth,

I pulled up your web page and compiled the following letter to the editor and sent it to The Horry Independent, The Loris Scene, the Tabor-Loris Times, The North Myrtle Beach Herald, the Carolina Forest Chronicle, the Horrry Independent, The Sun News, and The State. I hope it helps.
Pat Milley

Elect Elizabeth Moffly StateSuperintendent of Education

Elizabeth Moffly understands the way children develop and learn. She is very knowledgeable on changes needed to our education system.

I believe that if Elizabeth is elected we will get K-1 transition classes, cursive handwriting required, keyboarding taught in 4th grade, school choice, 19 credits required for HS graduation instead of 24, alternative diplomas to fit different needs of graduates, abolishment of the PASS test, a change in our grading system to the 90 to 100 being an A so our students are on comparable ground to other states, and many other sensible changes that will facilitate our students being better prepared to cope with life and to be successful. Elizabethhas common sense as well as academic sense. She is well grounded in how children learn and what it takes for them to succeed. I hope that you will support her with your vote on June 8 in the Republican Primary.
Rene' Rhyne McLendon Hodges

I have met and heard Elizabeth speak along with all the other republican candidates. I am gratified that she is in contention for this office. She so clearly has the best interest of our children at heart. Thank you, Elizabeth.
Colleen Payne

Republican 6th District Candidate
Nancy Harrelson

Republican 6th District Candidate
Russell Robertson

Only Elizabeth Moffly Offers Real Solutions!

State Superintendent Of Education candidate Elizabeth Moffly is the lone candidate offering pragmatic and detailed solutions to the state's education system. She is not a politician who spouts the same rhetoric as all the previous candidates. Her election would not result in the same old approach that previous superintendents have taken which has led to virtually no change in our state's education structure. Her solutions do not involve throwing more and more money at the system but would actually save the state millions of dollars while making our students more competitive on the national level. Albert Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

With that in mind, let us move from the madness of electing the same type of candidate with the same type of approach over and over while expecting different results. Let us truly break the cycle of mediocrity and allow someone with authentic solutions to make the essential changes to our education system. A vote for Mrs. Moffly is a vote for a positive future for our children. A vote otherwise is a vote for the "same 'ole, same ole'."

Russell Robertson Greenville, South Carolina
Father of three children who attend public schools

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