Vote Elizabeth Moffly For South Carolina Superintendent of Schools

Why Am I Running?

“Learning should be fun and relevant! The joy of learning is a life-long endeavor. Schools must launch the excitement of learning NOW, by making each student’s education useful and relevant to future needs in life beyond secondary school!” – Moffly 2010

HOW? Elizabeth plans to implement real choice and real change beginning with work on the following four points:

  • Offer BOTH college prep and vocational education routes to a high school diploma.

  • Align SC State High School Diploma 24-credit graduation requirement to the Commission of Higher Education’s 19-credit recommendation for college admission standards – saving the state almost half a billion dollars, without making cuts to education basics.

  • Change the South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale to align with the rest of the nation’s 10-point scale.

  • Revise the Standards of Learning to provide a strong foundation of the basics – reading, writing, and arithmetic – giving students the tools to succeed in life.

  • Elizabeth understands that teamwork is the key to success in every organization. Collaboration among teachers, administrators, students, parents, and public-private partnerships has a major impact in creating school environments that foster innovation and creativity.

    Elizabeth believes that, “the job of the State Superintendent of Education is to lead inter-agency collaboration to address and develop policies that are in the best interest of student achievement. It is also to ensure that every child is able to critically think and effectively communicate, thus becoming good and productive citizens.”

    She realizes that a key issue in ensuring economic development growth and the excellent quality of life in our state is increasing the graduation rate of skilled and educated workers. South Carolina has a one-size-fits-all system of standardization that only graduates approximately two-thirds of our high school students. Implementing the above proposals will go a long way toward addressing that objective by increasing the rate of graduation.

    Ms. Moffly knows how to effectively make changes to address problems of public education with teamwork and collaboration. She has identified solutions that are needed for improvement. In fact, during her 2006 campaign, she envisioned and championed replacement of the Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test and establishment of the Office of School Choice. Both improvements have been made!

    “Providing multiple pathways to graduation and personal success is the only solution if we honestly address the facts that our children are unique individuals with varied interest and abilities, and our schools are expected to offer a seamless transition from school to work or post-secondary education.” – Moffly 2010

    Elizabeth is the right choice. She is ready to work for you, to hit the ground running, and to implement her plan. Elizabeth Moffly needs your vote and support!

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